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Slash Roleplay – Tyche and Cai – What’s it all about

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You can read the story of Tyche and Cai below, though the last of the logs from their story are still coming in.

Basic Summary: This site is a compilation of logs relating to slash roleplay between two characters based in the Dragon Age: Origins universe. The logs also include other players within the IRC community.


There is magic and evil abound, but also romance and friendship as well; Dragon Age is one of the unique roleplaying games that has romance built into the gaming environment.

Templars are similar to holy paladins, knights of the church called a Chantry. A holy knight basically, and as such is addicted to a substance called: Lyrium. Lyrium addiction is how the chantry keeps a tight hold on its holy warriors. It’s similar to crack, but doesn’t have many side effects other than causing mental disability the longer it’s used (years) and severe withdrawal (death and going batcrazy can be the outcome of trying to quit). Templars are trained to guard magic users, who are thought to be a danger to society.

Tyche is a templar, though not as unswerving as the chantry would like. He’s more worldly and suave, but also has a sweetness about him.

Cai was in training to become a templar but left before he took his vows. He spent most of his life at a reclusive chantry (like a monastery) and was very cloistered. He is shy and sweeter than honey.

These logs are not about sex, although they contain it, they are about the blossoming relationship between the two boys, and all the things that come with a tough relationship during times of strife.

If you like roleplaying games, you’ll adore this one. If you haven’t played, Dragon Age: Origins will make you like them.

If you want to roleplay with us, check out Dragonage Roleplay which gives an overview of the rules and how to join. You don’t need to have played the game (although it is helpful), as there is a detailed wiki on the subject.

If you’d like to talk to us on the IRC you can join through your web browser or an irc chat client. Out Of Character Chat Be aware that this is not slash roleplay, but roleplay in general with some slash characters.


Channel Nick-Name: Niklai
Character Name: Cai Doberin, but has been dubbed Niki by Raume (a talking raven)
Age: 17 (almost 18)
Race: H
Class: Templar (almost)
Physical Description: Auburn long hair, clear grey eyes which sometimes pick up the color of the surroundings (red from firelight, yellow from soft lamplight etc), lean body, two fine long sword which he carries in a scabbard he made, it’s finely braided leather and buckles in the center of the chest. He wears brown leather pants and tunic, but has some lighter plate boots, knee covers and pauldrons. He’s fairly shy and sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, but if you get him talking about working with leather and his work with plate, he’ll open up a bit.
(pic of him:

Abandoned at the chantry at the age of five (he was from Haven), Cai ended up befriending a bully named James, who was totally devoted to the Maker and the Chantry. Because he was cruel and obsessively devout, James was shunned and thereby so was Cai. During the next thirteen years his only friend was James and thus he came to know very little about life, love, sex or anything other than religion. For some reason when it came time to take his vows he realized he could never kill anyone, even a mage who might be an abomination. Abandoning the templar training and exiling himself he took up the trade which had occupied, and was accepted by both James and the Chantry, leatherworking.

His innocence and naiviete drew him to a certain innocent and sweet mage named Rina and both of them became fast friends (the blushes enough to nearly burn down the inn). Rina, a mage working in Denerim with the sick) was assigned a watcher named Tyche Lynch, who came into The Frosty Lampost one dark stormy night and captured Cai’s heart in a matter of days. Unfortunately, because he was so innocent, it took a few days to understand that what he was feeling was attraction and that attraction, to a boy no-less, was not a terrible thing. And once he did finally accept those, he could still not be sure that one certain green-eyed templar felt the same way.

Cai tends to talk a lot, especially when he’s nervous, which is always. He’s very awkward and I sometimes compare him to a very young Hugh Grant, just in his voice and the way he speaks, not personality wise. He doesn’t necessarily talk fast, he just tends to not stop talking.

Channel Nick-Name: Ser_Tych
Character Name: Tyche Lynch
Age: 20
Race: Human
Class: Templar/Warrior
Physical Description: Tall, dirty blonde and very patient. Attentive eyes. Lazy smile. Sent by the Chantry to watch Rina carefully. Is quite casual about being a Templar.
Looks vaguely like:

Tyche’s Story:

Once upon a time a little Chantry boy decided he did not want to stay, and ran away from the chapel as fast as his little legs would carry him. Thus began many long years of Tyche running away and getting caught by the Templars, until one fateful day when he was sixteen. He ran – and the Templars stopped looking. Stumbling upon a group of Chasind, he was warily accepted and lived in their company for a time, falling in love with the apostate Luella and befriending bloodmages and shapeshifters alike.

Then came the witch Flemeth, and a dire prediction of events to come. Tyche had no experience of her truths, but the tribe had – and so he and his love, along with two other apostates, set out from the group to save everyone’s lives. They walked for several days, finally stumbling upon Lothering where the four were taken in by the resident Templars there, and subject to questioning. The Revered Mother hailed him as a hero, walking in the steps of Andraste and the Maker by delivering such dangerous criminals to them. He felt like a traitor as he watched his love become subject to the Rite of Tranquility. Promoted to Templar, the youngest of his kind for years, he learned to live with himself.

For four years he walked his own path, perilously close to rebellion yet never overstepping the rules. Befriending mages in the Tower and letting the odd apostate slip through the net, he carved out a life for himself in Gwaren for a time before being drafted to mind a mage in the city of Denerim – a slip of a thing called Rina. Here he encountered Cai – and was brought back to life. Things weren’t easy for the pair, but they managed to make a life of it, and continue to find happiness in the small moments.

Tyche is usually easy-going and friendly. He is patient with those who are willing, and curt with those who are not. His opinion on apostates and maleficar is very different to most Templars because of his experiences, and he will always try and make them feel at ease despite his profession He knows nothing of his parentage, apart from his surname and the fact that he has his mother’s eyes – something he was informed of as a child. He enjoys card games and drawing.

Read their story in order of logs:

First log – starts the second day after they meet and continues

Soon after : their first kiss

A brief second kissing session

A long roleplay that starts soon after their kissing as Cai gets hurt and ends up hiding from Tyche and Rina

Soon after Cai gets drunk again… and gets everyone else drunk as well

Cai learns a few things about Tyche and Sex

Cai’s first sexual Anything and Tyche’s first male timeWarning Smut

The worlds longest breakup that nearly broke us

Cai’s first time, Tyche is more than wicked - Warning smut

Angsty Jealous character roleplay – but also awesome sweetness

Another level of roleplay which leads in many directions – Tyche’s decision

Demons have come to The Nug and are invading people’s mindsSMUT WARNING

Tyche is demon slayer and Cai is forever changed by one incident and a darker boy emerges – some semi-smut

Yay celebrate the demon’s death - SMUT WARNING

Lyrium Withdrawal Starts the Spiral DownwardsSMUT WARNING – penetration *gasp*

lyrium withdrawal periodAngst warning

Off Lyrium and let the celebrations begin – Smut warning

The Tyche is Off Lyrium Celebration and a possible expedition planned

Cai asks Tyche to go steady, in the “Cai Way”

Birthdays and Darkness - SMUT WARNING

Tyche takes too much responsibility

These two are a couple now, expect smut often as they areĀ  a) men and b) love each other and c) fucking hawt together

Love is show in so many ways – SMUT WARNING

Tyche Shows the Extent of his Love – Smut Warning

Cats and wonderful templars – Smut Warning

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for Tyche =( - Smut Warning

Possible separation – smut warning (do I even need to put this now, they’re adults and in love – it’s a given)

Just a fun day at the park – SW

It starts with pouting in OOC... – smut warning (why do I keep warning?)

They were going to go camping and things got derailed momentarilyDark… Cai is so dark – SW- very dark smut btw

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